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Data: 2024-07-22

Inventario delle sequenze midi.
BAD RELIGION 1000 more fools 16 KB .mid
A walk 24 KB .mid
American Jesus 27 KB .mid
Drunk sincerity 33 KB .mid
God song 20 KB .mid
Infected 28 KB .mid
No direction 28 KB .mid
Punch in the face 6 KB .mid
The answer 29 KB .mid
Walk away 23 KB .mid
You are (The government) 19 KB .mid
BANGLES Walk like an egyptian 77 KB .mid
BEACH BOYS BarbaraAnn 32 KB .mid
California girls 42 KB .mid
Don't worry baby 26 KB .mid
Fun, fun, fun 63 KB .mid
Fun, fun, fun 61 KB .mid
God only knows 20 KB .mid
Good vibrations 29 KB .mid
Good vibrations 31 KB .mid
Good vibrations 29 KB .mid
Graduation day 28 KB .mid
Help me, Rhonda 62 KB .mid
Help me, Rhonda 50 KB .mid
I get around 21 KB .mid
I just wasn't made for these times 33 KB .mid
I know there's an answer 31 KB .mid
In my room 21 KB .mid
It never rains in Southern California 45 KB .mid
Kokomo 82 KB .mid
Kokomo 70 KB .mid
Kokomo 50 KB .mid
Kokomo 25 KB .mid
Kokomo 16 KB .mid
Let's dance 49 KB .mid
Little deuce coupe 32 KB .mid
Sloop John B 39 KB .mid
Surfer girl 27 KB .mid
Surfer girl 18 KB .mid
Surfin safari 30 KB .mid
Surfin' USA 41 KB .mid
Surfs up 34 KB .mid
Waiting for the day 21 KB .mid
Wouldn't it be nice 21 KB .mid
BEASTIE BOYS Fight for your right 30 KB .mid
Intergalactic 29 KB .mid
Slowride 18 KB .mid
BEATLES A day in the life 29 KB .mid
Day tripper 42 KB .mid
Eleanor Rigby 15 KB .mid
Girl 26 KB .mid
Hard days night 34 KB .mid
Live and let die 14 KB .mid
Straberry fields, forever 53 KB .mid
BLINK 182 Adam's song 28 KB .mid
All the small things 42 KB .mid
College full 34 KB .mid
Dammit 50 KB .mid
Dammit 50 KB .mid
Don't leave me 26 KB .mid
Dumpweed 36 KB .mid
Josie 64 KB .mid
M&M's 25 KB .mid
What's my age again 29 KB .mid
BLUE OYSTER CULT Don't fear the reaper 76 KB .mid
BLUES BROTHERS Everybody needs somebody to love 33 KB .mid
Gimme some lovin' 66 KB .mid
Peter Gunn theme 14 KB .mid
Soulman 65 KB .mid
Sweet home Chicago 34 KB .mid
BLUR Charmless man 40 KB .mid
Charmless man 38 KB .mid
Country house 62 KB .mid
Country house 59 KB .mid
Girls and boys 74 KB .mid
Parklife 14 KB .mid
Song 2 44 KB .mid
Stereotypes 35 KB .mid
Tender 58 KB .mid
BOB DYLAN Knocking on heaven's door 46 KB .mid
BOB MARLEY Could you be loved 82 KB .mid
Exodus 139 KB .mid
I shot the sheriff 14 KB .mid
Iron lion zion 14 KB .mid
Is this love 81 KB .mid
Jah live 61 KB .mid
Jammin' 58 KB .mid
No woman, no cry 74 KB .mid
No woman, no cry 91 KB .mid
One love 48 KB .mid
Punky reggae party 76 KB .mid
Stir it up 80 KB .mid
Waiting in vain 35 KB .mid
BUGGLES Video killed the Radio Star 60 KB .mid

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